Brown County commissioners did not reinstate the burn ban Tuesday, agreeing “we're good for another week,” but adding only probably for another week.

The ban that had been in place for months was lifted July 30, and, at the time, commissioners said even though conditions were dry and the weather was hot, lifting the ban would allow landowners to do some controlled burns and necessary trash burning and maintenance chores.

That several rains in the last month have staved off putting another ban in place has been a bonus the court had not expected.

On Tuesday, Precinct 3 Commissioner Richard Gist said, “There's a mixed bag of conditions out there – ranging from the very dry to the not-so-dry, but it's probably OK to wait another week before putting a ban in place.

“Extreme caution is the order of the day,” Gist said.

While the burn ban is lifted, controlled burning is allowed, however, those planning a burn are asked to be mindful of conditions and postpone the burn if there is a steady breeze. Also, anyone planning a burn is expected to contact the commissioner for the precinct and the sheriff's office dispatch if possible, so, that if people see smoke and report a possible fire there will be record of the location of the controlled burn and fire departments will not be sent to the site unnecessarily.