Kevin Peek of Brownwood turned "white as a ghost" as Early officers spoke with Peek and two other people following a traffic stop last year in Early. The officers had found methamphetamine.

That was the testimony Wednesday morning in 35th District Court from former Early police Sgt. Shawn Dibrell, who is now chief deputy with the Mills County Sheriff's Office.

Peek, 44, is standing trial on a charge of possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver over 4 grams under 200 grams.

District Attorney Micheal Murray told jurors in his opening statement he expects evidence to show that Peek drove himself, his brother, Kirby Peek, and a man named Hector Gonzales Jr. to a mobile home in Granbury on Nov. 9, 2011. From there, Kirby Peek and other individuals from the mobile home drove to Duncanville and bought methamphetamine, while Kevin Peek and Gonzales stayed at the mobile home, Murray told jurors.

Later, the Peek brothers and Gonzales drove back to Brown County with methamphetamine in the car. As they traveled on Early Boulevard, Dibrell and officer Stephanie Haile stopped the car because it had an expired registration, found methamphetamine and arrested all three of the car's occupants.

Kirby Peek agreed to work with officers to set up a drug deal for later that day, Murray told jurors. That led to the arrest of another Brownwood man named Joel Gongora.

Defense attorney Patrick Howard told jurors in his opening statement he did not expect the state to prove its case against Kevin Peek. Howard acknowledged that Peek possessed marijuana that day, but said all of the methamphetamine was found on Kirby Peek and Gonzales. Evidence will show what Kevin Peek knew and when he knew it, Howard told jurors.

Dibrell, the state's first witness, testified that he had been speaking with someone about an unrelated case on Nov. 9, and Haile was with him because he needed the assistance of a female officer. Later, Dibrell testified, he and Haile decided to "work traffic" and attempt drug interdiction. They ended up behind the Peek vehicle, ran the license and learned the registration was expired, Dibrell testified.

After Dibrell turned on his unmarked pickup's emergency lights, he and Haile saw that the front seat passenger later identified as Kirby Peek was moving around and "jumping around like a monkey," and Kevin Peek, the driver, took longer than necessary to stop the car, Dibrell testified.

Peek was still in the driver's seat when he dropped an object onto the floorboard, and Dibrell learned the object was a syringe. The officers began removing the occupants from the car and Kevin Peek consented to a search of his clothing. Dibrell found marijuana and a Q tip, which is used as a filter when injecting methamphetamine, Dibrell testified.

Peek turned white when the officers found methamphetamine on Kirby Peek and Gonzales, Dibrell testified. "Unlike anything I've ever seen before," Dibrell said. "Basically, before me, his color started changing."