WINTERS– The death of three people in seven days shock the community of Winters last week. The three cases occurred under different circumstances, but all of them are initially being treated by the Winters Police Department as suicides.

The case of Priscilla Hernandez, 30-years-of-age, was the first one of the week. Priscilla had a background of a troubled life, and was found after she apparently hung herself at a house located at 508 Alexander Street.

On Friday, August 31, Johnny Wilborn, 40-years-of-age, of Winters, Texas was found at 601 N Melwood Street. The Winters Police Department believes that the man hung himself.

Finally, in the third case, Conifacio Benny Hernandez, 54-years-of-age, of Winters, Texas, left a note for his family and his body was found at 208 Roberts Street on Saturday, September 1. He was also found hanging from the neck and officials initially are treating the case as a suicide.

Previously this year another man took his own life in Winters. James Craig Gray, 50-years-of-age, was found dead at his residence on Paloma St with a gunshot in the head. This incident occurred on July 17, 2012.

After the recent string of suicides the Winters Police Department will be conducting a routine follow up investigation. Two of the bodies were sent to the medical examiner to have an autopsy performed.