David Morris first met Kristopher D. Clarke, also known as KC, three and a half years ago when Clarke started working at Bruner Auto Group as a salesman. Even though Clarke later took a job in New Town, N.D., Morris kept in touch.

After not being able to contact Clarke in February, Morris started to suspect something was wrong. Morris’ suspicions were confirmed when a mutual friend asked Morris if he had seen the website on Clarke.

“He asked me if I knew that KC was missing,” Morris said. “After I saw the Facebook page, I immediately called his mother and have been keeping in contact with her at least every two to three days.”

Clarke, 29, was last seen on Feb. 22, 2012, at Blackstone Trucking in New Town wearing a gray jogging suit. He is 5 foot and 9 inches tall and about 140-155 pounds with brown hair and eyes. Clarke has scars on both lower legs, left wrist, left side over his ribs to his upper back and on his stomach from a motorcycle accident.

Clarke’s mother, Jill Williams, created the Find KC-gimpdaddy Facebook as another tool to help find her son and to receive tips on his location. According to a Facebook post, Williams explains why she named the page. “Friends called him gimp daddy after his motorcycle accident, and thought putting that in along with his name would make it easier to find this page.”

Williams’ husband and his friends left Buckley, Wash., Wednesday night to drive to Brownwood to pick up Clarke’s belongings. Williams and her husband will be using all of their savings to finance the journey and fear they won’t have enough money for their trip of more than 5,000 miles.

“We hadn’t realized what a huge undertaking this was going to be,” Williams said. “We will be using all of our savings and we don’t have much money either. We had saved for a very long time to have any savings — this economy is terrible. To those of you who can't help financially, you can still help by praying, giving advice, tips and support. Every kind of help is appreciated and precious to us.”

Morris is hoping to ease some of the financial burden by collecting donations locally and helping the family move Clarke’s belongings.

“We will be presenting the donations we collect to his family Saturday,” Morris said. “I know how much of a financial strain picking up KC’s belongings will be on the family. They aren’t just coming here, they will also be going up to North Dakota.”

Donations are being accepted locally and can be given to David Morris at Bruner Auto Group, J.D. Walker at Stanley Dodge, and at KOXE. Donations can also be made online via Paypal to merrylegss@yahoo.com. The Find KC-gimpdaddy Facebook page asks for donations made through Paypal be marked as a gift to avoid any fees.

For more information about making a donation or to assist with moving Clarke’s items, call Morris at (325) 200-8928.