Elementary, Middle School, High School


(juice and milk offered daily)

MONDAY, cereal, yogurt

TUESDAY, cinnamon toast, scrambled eggs

WEDNESDAY, banana muffin, sausage patty

THURSDAY, breakfast pizza

FRIDAY, cinnamon roll, string cheese

Elementary and Middle School


(milk offered daily)

MONDAY, chicken and broccoli penne, garden salad, apple slices, breadstick

TUESDAY, ultimate taco salad w fresh romaine and tomato, seasoned corn, fresh fruit bowl, lime fruit bar

WEDNESDAY, steak fingers, whipped potatoes w gravy, savory green beans, apple/ pineapple d'lite

THURSDAY, chicken quesadillas, black beans, baby carrots, orange smiles, salsa

FRIDAY, cheese pizza, garden salad, fresh veggie cup, mixed fruit

High School


(milk offered daily)

MONDAY, corn dog or hot dog, potato tots, baked beans, fresh fruit, fruit cup, pudding cup

TUESDAY, crispy tacos or nachos grande, spanish rice, charro beans, salad bar, fresh fruit, fruit cup

WEDNESDAY,spaghetti and meatballs or chicken spaghetti, seasoned corn, salad bar, fresh fruit, fruit cup, breadstick

THURSDAY, steak fingers or oven-fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, savory green beans, salad bar, fresh fruit, fruit cup, hot roll

FRIDAY, hamburger or grilled chicken salad, tater tots, western beans, burger salad, fresh fruit, fruit cup