A 35th District Court jury convicted Kevin Peek, 44, of Brownwood, to life in prison Friday after convicting him of possessing methamphetamine with intent to deliver and hearing evidence of a lengthy criminal history.

District Attorney Murray and Sam Moss put on evidence in the sentencing phase of previous convictions and prison sentences for offenses including aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault of a child. Defense attorney Patrick Howard did not offer evidence during the sentencing.

Peek was one of three people arrested following a Nov. 9, 2011 traffic stop in Early. Peek's brother, Kirby, and a man named Hector Gonzales Jr. were also arrested. Kirby Peek worked with Early police to set up a drug deal for later that day that led to the arrest of a man named Joel Gongora.

Kirby Peek has entered a guilty plea and is scheduled to be sentenced later this month. Gonzales pleaded guilty earlier and is serving a 15-year prison term.

The Peek brothers and Gonzales traveled together to Granbury earlier on Nov. 9, where they met with three other people in a mobile home, testimony showed. Four of the six then traveled to Duncanville, where they bought methamphetamine and returned to Granbury. Kevin Peek and Gonzales did not make the trip to Duncanville.

The Peeks and Gonzales began returning to Brownwood, with Kirby Peek and Gonzales in possession of some of the methamphetamine that was bought in Duncanville, according to testimony.

Kevin Peek had marijuana but no methamphetamine on him when Early police made the traffic stop. Howard had argued that the state would not be able to prove its case against Peek and said evidence would show what Peek knew and when he knew it.

Kirby Peek testified that his brother knew nothing of the methamphetamine. Kevin Peek, however, told Early police that he knew about the drugs, according to testimony.

Kevin Peek possessed with intent to deliver over 4 grams under 200 grams of methamphetamine in a drug free zone, the state alleged in an indictment.