(milk or juice, and alternate breakfast of cereal and yogurt or graham crackers offered daily)

MONDAY, bacon, egg, and cheese scramble, toast

TUESDAY, french toast, ham slice

WEDNESDAY, blueberry muffin, sausage patty

THURSDAY, breakfast hot pocket

FRIDAY, cinnamon roll, sausage links


(milk offered daily)

MONDAY, cheese/ pepperoni pizza, seasoned corn, salad, fresh fruit

TUESDAY, chicken spaghetti, california blend veggies, salad, mandarin orange pudding, breadsticks

WEDNESDAY, steak fingers, mashed potatoes/ gravy, green beans, diced pears, hot rolls

THURSDAY, crispy tacos, refried beans, salad, salsa, fresh fruit

FRIDAY, hamburger, oven fries, hamburger salad, baby carrots, frozen fruit bar