Encompass Home Health, 104 S. Broadway in Brownwood, will have a "fan drive" Sept. 12 in which the agency will give away about 75 box fans.

It will be first-come, first-served, with no applications or qualifying of recipients, but the fans are intended for low-income residents who either don't have air conditioning in their homes or have air conditioning but can't afford to run it, branch manager Jeannie Dolberry said.

The give-away will begin at 9 a.m. at the agency's office and last until the fans are gone, Dolberry said. The hope is that people who don't need to be given fans will be "stand-up enough" to refrain from taking advantage of the give-aways. But as for criteria, "we just pretty much don't have any we're not going to deny anybody," Dolberry said.

"Our fan drive is our day of giving back to the community," Dolberry said.

The fans are being paid for by a grant through a non-profit division of Encompass Home Health called Encompass Cares, Dolberry said. Employees can have a portion of their paychecks donated to Encompass Cares, which funds projects that include:

Mission trips to foreign countries

Community projects including back-to-school drives, food drives, Christmas Toy drives, heater and blanket drives and fan drives

Employee assistance grants to help employees following home fires, tornadoes, deaths of immediate family members and unforeseen health emergencies.

Dolberry said she was the recipient of an employee assistance grant a year ago when the large motorcycle she and her husband, Terry, were riding near Zephyr had a blowout and crashed.

Dolberry said she was knocked out, but came to enough to think she heard the whumping of rotor blades. "That sounds like a helicopter," Dolberry thought to herself. That's because it was. She was flown out by helicopter ambulance, while her husband was taken by ambulance to Brownwood Regional Medical Center.