Jim Brata of Dallas was driving south across the Truman Harlow Overpass in a Ford F-150 pickup around 10:40 a.m. when he looked in the truck's rear view mirror and saw flames shooting from the vehicle's bed.

Three gasoline containers, each with about four gallons of gas, were among the contents of the bed, and the gasoline was on fire. Brata pulled over just south of the overpass. Firefighters arrived quickly and, with some difficulty, extinguished the burning gasoline.

Brata was on his way to a deer lease in Sonora to hunt dove, Brownwood Fire Marshal Buddy Preston said.

While the gasoline was on fire, there is no way to know what caused it, Preston said. Possible scenarios include the possibility that the gasoline had expanded in the heat and some of the flammable liquid had leaked out and then, possibly, static electricity caused the fire, Preston said.

That's speculation, Preston said. "There won't be any way for me to tell."

Brata hadn't done anything inappropriate that would have caused the fire and the three containers were intended for gasoline, Preston said.