Howard Payne University was recently honored as a “2012 Great College to Work For” by The Chronicle of Higher Education. This year, a record 47,000 employees from universities across the nation participated in the chronicle’s survey. Of the 294 colleges represented, 103 were named as great places to work, being recognized for specific best practices and policies. HPU was honored in the areas of work/life balance and supervisor/ department-chair relationship.

“HPU is a close-knit campus community not only with students, but also among faculty, staff and administrators,” said Dr. Bill Ellis, university president. “Employees have long felt that HPU is a great place to work, and we are thrilled that the chronicle has made it official. I am proud, but not the least surprised, that HPU is receiving this recognition.”

Faculty and staff members at institutions across the nation evaluated their colleges in 12 categories, such as job satisfaction, teaching environment and benefits. The Chronicle of Higher Education is the nation’s most important source of news about colleges and universities. “The institutions that the ‘Great Colleges’ program recognize provide innovative educational experiences while also offering their employees outstanding workplace experiences, and we are eager to help readers learn more about them,” said Liz McMillen, the chronicle’s editor.

The survey results are based on a two-part assessment process: an institutional audit that captured demographics and workplace policies from each institution, and a survey administered to faculty, administrators and professional support staff. The primary factor in deciding whether an institution received recognition was the employee feedback. To administer the survey and analyze the results, the chronicle worked with ModernThink LLC, a strategic human capital consulting firm that has conducted numerous “Best Places to Work” programs, surveying hundreds of thousands of employees nationwide. “Great Colleges to Work For” is one of the largest and most respected work-place recognition programs in the country. For more information and to view all the results of the survey, visit The Chronicle of Higher Education website at

When asked what makes HPU such a great place to work, here is what some HPU employees had to say: Rand Ginther, database coordinator, was quoted as saying, “I enjoy working at HPU because I know that my efforts daily impact the future of tomorrow. I may not have direct contact with students, but I love knowing that each report I pull or process that I write gets them closer to their ultimate goal and helps the faculty and staff assist them more efficiently.” PJ Gramling, director of admissions, said, “I love to work at Howard Payne University because I am allowed to express my love for the Lord through my job.”

“I was not at all surprised to learn that HPU was named by the chronicle as a great place to work. At the heart of every organization is its people and we quite simply have an outstanding group of people at Howard Payne. You can look at every area of campus from the faculty, the staff, the administration to the student body and you will find fantastic, hard-working folks who love the Lord and who love Howard Payne University. This is why I love working at HPU,” said Dr. Michael Rosato, Dean of the School of Education.