Brown County Water Improvement District needs to run acceptance testing on their new water treatment facility at a max rate to make sure they can meet the needs of its customers in peak demand.

Due to conservation plan restrictions currently in place, the plant will need to produce more water that customers are currently using. To help facilitate this very important test and to allow the water to be beneficially used, the City of Brownwood is reducing watering restrictions for one week for this event. With the exception of these test days, Stage III requirements are still in effect and will continue until further notice.

Test will run from Monday, Sept. 24 to Friday, Sept. 28.

Pools can be filled, cars can be washed and landscaping may be watered. Parks, sports fields and other public areas may be watered at this time. The Brownwood Fire Department will be performing fire hydrant testing during this time as well.

This event is only for Brownwood residents and customers of the City of Brownwood Water system. Other utilities in the area must remain on the schedules and restrictions of their respective water provider.

Water waste is prohibited. Water waste is defined as allowing runoff in the streets or alleys, over watering of lawns, or leaking pipes that are not repaired.

I believe most of our citizens understand the issue of drought and will do what it takes to preserve our resources. Please use this water wisely. Free information on ways to conserve is available at the City of Brownwood city hall in our public information center on topics including indoor, outdoor usage. We also have information on our website http://