(milk and juice is offered daily)

MONDAY, breakfast bagel, toast, fruit

TUESDAY, sausage and gravy, toast, fruit

WEDNESDAY, sausage and eggs, toast, fruit

THURSDAY, pancake on a stick, toast, fruit

FRIDAY, cinnamon roll, breakfast hot pocket, toast, fruit


(milk is offered daily)

MONDAY, barbecue on a bun, corn on the cob, potato salad, broccoli w/ranch, peaches

TUESDAY, tater tot casserole, ranch beans, salad, fruit

WEDNESDAY, chicken strips, mashed potatoes w/cream gravy, green beans, salad, fruit

THURSDAY, taco nacho, pinto beans, crisp salad, fresh fruit, celery

FRIDAY, hamburger or cheeseburger, fries, lettuce and tomato, pickles, fruit