All drinking water has been recycled somewhere. There is no "New Water" anywhere on the planet. The water on the planet is consistent, other than what we have sent into space. Scientists agree that every class of water we drink has been through 7-9 kidneys. The technology exists to accelerate Mother Nature in this process and this does not include diluting it with precious lake, pond or river water that is already depleting at an unbelievable rate. There are already plants that mimic Mother Nature by creating drinkable quality water from wastewater within minutes by using equipment that she does not have. This mainly being pumps. ACT2 Technologies of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is recovering reusable water from toxic landfill leachate by removing PFCs, PFOCs at parts per Trillion (ppt) while removing everything in it path that is larger. ACT2 Technologies also has the ability to digest 100% of an animal carcass to pure, reusable water by immediately killing and removing all DNA, diseases, viruses, etc. Making reuse or drinkable water from wastewater and sewage water is very simple for this company. Brownwood should take a close look at this technology over diluting their existing freshwater. The National Science Foundation already did, and purchased a unit.