WOMEN A SECOND CLASS CITIZEN April 26, 2012 Letter to the Editor; A voter must realize that the policies of the progressive government, or liberal government if you prefer, paid a decent wage to her husband that permitted a wife and mother to stay home to care for her family. The progressives force the corporations to share its profits with the worker that created that profit. The conservatives prefer to pay so little to the worker that creates its profits that both the father and the mother must work to survive. Therefore, neglect of the children by the parents is forced on the families by the conservative government. Firing the teachers lowers the level of the only other group charged with training the large group of children intentionally neglected by the lack of teachers. The fabulous era of prosperity for the worker that existed from 1945 1981 is no more. Deregulation has permitted the conservatives to rob us using trickery and fraud. Failing to share the wealth with the worker that created it has made us poor. The media owned by the conservatives has duped us by hiding the real cause. The conservative U.S. Senators have destroyed our financial world; budget, wars not paid for, money borrowed from our Social Security to hid cost of wars but dooming Social Security. The Conservative mantra has left us poor, broke, and with poorly trained children. Time to get rid of the Conservative Senators. Two are from Texas. Until we vote the conservatives out of office, including the two Texas Senators, women will never be a first class American Citizen. Respectfully; Colonel George Day Brownwood, TX