Lanny Marvin Bush admitted establishing a Facebook page“with intent to harm Michele Reiter and also acknowledged sending texts from Reiter's phone after the suspected time of her disappearance, but has denied being responsible for the woman's disappearance.

According to an affadavit filed in Tom Green County Justice of the Peace J.P. McGuire's office on Monday, Bush “made up the name Rocky Switzer.”

Texas Ranger Nick Hanna, who made the complaint against Bush, stated that attempts to locate Michele Reiter in the Brownwood area by Brownwood Police had been unsuccessful after the woman was reported missing Sept. 11.

However, the Brownwood Police Department did establish via post on Michele Reiter's Facebook page an individual named Rocky had a date scheduled for Sept. 10, the affidavit states. Brownwood Police also established Bush is the former boyfriend of Reiter's.

Sept. 10 was the last time Reiter was seen. Her vehicle was located Sept. 12 at the Massey Sports Complex. And on Monday, the day the affidavit was filed, a body fitting the description of Reiter was found in Coleman County.