Do not think for even a moment those who say they want to help others with government welfare are looking out for the good of the people. They are power hungry people looking out for themselves. How can feeding the poor, housing the homeless, doctoring the sick or spreading the wealth be bad? First one must understand how government works and apparently that is no longer taught in school. The U.S. constitution explains how a free capitalist system works based on biblical law and common sense, while the “communist manifesto” by Marx/Engels explains how Man should live in a collective society devoid of God and religion. Socialism is based on government control and ownership of all means of production and the distribution of wealth……except for the “ruling class”! Communism and socialism have been tried many times and they ALWAYS fail! The concept seems good on paper but the implementation is impossible. When workers realize they get paid even if they are bad workers, they stop producing and live off others. When the ones who do work realize they can’t get ahead because they are also working for those who do not, they too stop working and the system fails.

There is a worse case where government steps in and forces workers to work at the point of a gun! Russia, China, North Korea and East Germany come to mind. CREATIVITY is defined as “cause to exist” and Man is an ego-centered being who wants credit for something if he invents it and/or payment for what it is worth. If everyone receives the same pay for their work creative people stop creating. Cell phones, computers, affordable cars, airplanes, TV, etc. all increased the size of the money pie through creativity, but socialism assumes there is only a FIXED pie that must be divided equally. The major flaw in collective government is in thinking we are all the same. We are individuals with different talents and our Founders understood that when they wrote, “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal”… which sounds similar when comparing it to socialism’s idea all people should receive the same but our Founders understood that EQUAL OPPORTUNITY is not the same as the socialist idea of EQUAL OUTCOME! Listen close to what Obama, Hillery and other democrats say……and socialism is heard LOUD and CLEAR!

Unions are America’s socialist/communist party and that is easy to prove because they are communism in its basic form. Unions demand a boss pay every person doing the same job the same pay. That would be fine if all workers produced the same but that is never the case. DO AS WE SAY OR GO BROKE! That is exactly what happens in private business because when union demands exceed the ability of the business to pay, the doors close! My Dad once told me, “Son, stay away from unions. They will get you that .50 cents an hour raise even if they cost you your job”! Even democrat F.D.R. said public workers can never be unionized because there is no profit in government to base increases/benefits on, only taxes. Union teachers, police, fire fighters, air traffic controllers and government workers get pay usually based on market rates for their area to stay competitive. If unions control government jobs the taxpayer is the ultimate payer of all benefits and union bosses seem to think that is an endless fountain of $$$! Unfortunately America is broke in part for that very reason! Unions tell the “big lie” THEY got workers the 40 hour work week and paid holidays but that came about because of competition in business. Just like Affirmative Action looked like a way to help minorities, unions seemed like a way to help workers, but had unintended consequences! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said he wanted his children judged by “the content of their character NOT the color of their skin”. Dr. Kings “dream” turned into a nightmare after Affirmative Action “poverty-pimps” forced special treatment for minorities and now those minorities are looked upon as people with “questionable” skills and education, even if they are just as good as others! Everyone knows that but few are willing to say it! Look at Chicago’s union teachers making the highest wages for the worst rated schools! Union poverty-pimps get high pay for teachers in the ghetto schools, while students get a diploma worth NOTHING, keeping them in poverty! Black politician J.C. Watts invented “poverty-pimp” for situations like this.

Barack Obama spent much of his youth in socialist-Muslim schools and learned from communist and socialist teachers. Later he attended universities with socialist professors and a church with anti-American Reverend Wright then started his political career in convicted felon and communist Bill Ayers home. Van Jones is an admitted communist but Obama wanted him as an advisor before he was out’ed by conservative news. His closest advisor Valerie Jarrett was born in a Muslim country (Iran) and is a Chicago slum-lord who also has questionable friends. The list of socialist/communist advisors and friends of Obama reveals his true feelings toward America. His actions prove to me he is a SOCIALIST and is doing all he can to redistribute wealth in the communist/socialist fashion! He is turning out the lights in the “City on the Hill” and dismantling the American Dream! And I NEVER heard of anyone seeking freedom by escaping to Russia or communist East Berlin! I spent new-years 1964 in Germany and witnessed that East-West border first hand!

Remember Obama tried to force our military-wounded to pay for their own medical care saying “Look it’s an all voluntary force……I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice…I guess I underestimated the SELFISHNESS of some of my fellow Americans.” Having served in the Navy that truly angered me! He is the guy who says medical-care is a “right” but I guess NOT for our military who put their life on the line for their country. Obama has a very twisted idea of service. Democrats DEMANDED in true socialist fashion, sub-prime loans be given to people who could not afford homes then when the market crashed they pointed at Bush, ignoring him asking to STOP long before the crash! Add to this Obama’s anti-Christian edicts removing Jesus from prayers, his printing $$ as if it would hold its value, the estimated cost of Obamacare tripling and GM wanting to buy-back government shares but Obama refusing because he wants control! Obama now has control of large parts of government, business, healthcare, our media, our money and the military. Citizens that is SOCIALISM!

Obama is a SOCIALIST and his actions prove it! His own book “Dreams From My Father” mentions his anti-capitalist upbringing and his later years simply add to the fire. Democrats have moved far-left socially, Obama’s advisors are far-left radicals, his actions are anti-military, anti-Christian and pro-Muslim! If he gets a 2nd term of putting America on a socialist path we will be like Greece and other debtor nations. Then who will come to the aid of our brothers? Who will defend freedom? To pay our loans we will have to give up land to those we owe…or default…or go to WAR! Our ships will rust in port like Russia’s and our ability to feed ourselves and the world will depend on the compassion of those we owe. The “Breadbasket of the World” and the “Defender of Freedom” will pass into history while her citizens wonder what happened!? God help us!

Charles Johns

Rising Star