If you notice the Brownwood Lions decked out in gold footwear during Friday night's homecoming football game against Sweetwater, don't be alarmed — it's actually for a very worthwhile cause.

    The Lions will be sporting gold spatting on their socks and shoes, along with gold tape, in honor of Children's Cancer Awareness Month, which concludes Sunday.

    "We first did this a couple of years ago when our assistant principal Sandra Richardson’s daughter, Carlee, was diagnosed with cancer," said Lions head coach and athletic director Bob Shipley. "The idea for us to do it stemmed from Carlee’s battle with cancer. We’ve done it for a couple of years, but were low key about it. The 2010 team kind of adopted Carlee and hung out with her after practice a few times while she was receiving treatments. Thankfully she is cancer free today."

    Shipley added that while no one to his knowledge associated with the school district has a child currently battling cancer, drawing attention to the battle being waged was something the Brownwood Lions football program wanted to continue.

    "There’s a lot of attention given to breast cancer and Relay for Life, but none of that money goes to help and research children’s cancer specifically," Shipley said. "There’s nothing much sadder than hearing of a child who has cancer. We want to do all we can to help support awareness of this horrible disease and how it effects kids.

    "Thousands of people come to the games, not to mention the media coverage, so we have the opportunity for a lot of people to stop and think about this situation and hopefully we can all discover ways we can help fight cancer for children."

    The Lions will also continue their traditional "pink-out" game for breast cancer awareness, which will be held on Oct. 26 when Lampasas visits.