A man with 49 previous arrests and 34 convictions was charged Monday in the weekend break-in at the Food Mart store in Early, and was also charged following an altercation with a Brownwood police officer, representatives of the two agencies said.

William Jeffrey Carlisle, 48, of Brownwood, was booked Monday into the Brown County Jail on charges of burglary of a building, failure to identify fugitive, resisting arrest and public intoxication, jail records state.

According to reports from Early and Brownwood police:

At 5 a.m. Saturday Early police began investigating the burglary of the Food Mart Shell Station in the 300 block of Early Boulevard. Someone broke out the front door glass, entered the store and took several cases of beer.

Police gathered evidence and reviewed video surveillance.

At 8 p.m. Saturday, Early police Cpl. Brandon McMillian stopped a pedestrian walking on Parkway Drive in Early. The pedestrian, identified as Carlisle, matched the description of the suspect on the surveillance video, but due to poor video quality a positive identification was not possible at the time.

The pedestrian was identified and released as there was insufficient evidence to hold him. Officers and detective Mike McCoy followed up through the weekend, and on Monday, McCoy obtained an arrest warrant for Carlisle.

As Early officers tried to locate Carlisle at his Brownwood residence on Monday, Brownwood police were responding to their own call involving the man.

At 4:08 p.m., Brownwood police Cpl. Stephanie Morgan responded to the 500 block of West Commerce on a report that a person had been sleeping off and on all day behind a building.

Morgan located a man, later identified as Carlisle, behind the building, awake, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. Morgan asked the man about his welfare and his identity, and the man provided an incorrect first name.

As Morgan continued to speak with the man, he became increasingly agitated and provided what Morgan believed to be contradictory information. Morgan believed the man was intoxicated and was "trying to recall what he had already lied about," Morgan's report states.

Morgan told the man he was being arrested on charges of public intoxication and failure to identify. As Morgan tried to place him in her patrol car, the man pushed off of the door frame, cursed and yelled. At one point Morgan was positioned between the man and the rear passenger door, with less than six inches separating them.

Morgan and the man ended up on the ground, and the man indicated "he was finished," Morgan's report states. At the jail, the man disregarded jailers' instructions and had to be restrained.

Morgan learned that Early police were at Carlisle's residence attempting to serve him with an arrest warrant in connection with the Early burglary. Early police served Carlisle with the warrant in jail, and police planned to serve a search warrant on Carlisle to obtain DNA evidence for comparison to blood found at the burglary.

"A review of Carlisle's criminal history indicated 49 arrests and 34 convictions on various charges including multiple counts of public intoxication, resisting officer, fail to identify fugitive, fail to identify giving false/fictitious information, and fail to identify fugitive from justice," Morgan's report states.