Madison Clark, 7, was watching a children’s television show on the Disney Channel in her family’s living room when she announced, “I want to do that.”

“That” was a suggestion given on the program for youngsters to give back to the community. So Madison decided to ask her friends to bring blankets for a charitable organization to her birthday party instead of gifts for herself, according to her mother Brandy Clark. Madison turned 7 on Oct. 20.

The blankets were recently donated to the Brownwood Service Center of the Salvation Army.

“She is so sweet,” Salvation Army service center director Donna Harris said. “What a special young lady of 7. She requested her friends to come to her birthday party and bring blankets. What an awesome idea.”

Clark said her daughter enjoyed visiting the Salvation Army and presenting the 10 blankets that had been brought to the birthday party.

“She loved it,” Clark said. “She had such a good time meeting those ladies.”

“The timing on this is perfect,” Harris said. “I am preparing to make announcements for a blanket and coat drive. With the weather getting cold so fast, I feel now is the time to start and have coats out before it gets worse.”

Harris said the demand for items with which people can stay warm in always in high over the winter months, and donations such as these blankets from Madison will help meet it.