I would like to start off by saying I love my parents more than words can describe. I was raised on a farm/ranch outside of Lometa. My parents were hard working and we worked as a family. My dad is a Korean veteran and lost his hearing during the service.

When I was growing up his hearing loss was funny, we would ask daddy a question and his answer was seldom a match. He has allowed us to use his disability for a good laugh but as he has aged the hearing loss has been a real problem. He has been hospitalized several times in the past couple of years and the communication between he and the nursing staff has been to his detriment. I have begged for years to get a hearing aid but weather it was his pride or his pocket book he never agreed. Not long ago after a hospital stay he agreed to entertain a hearing aid. I immediately called every business within a 100 mile radius to ask questions.

I called Lone Star Hearing in Brownwood and talked to Mike. He was so nice that I thought maybe he was just office help but he was the doctor. I immediately felt comfortable. Mike answered my questions and I explained that my dad was 84, never had a hearing aid and did not want to spend the money. Story short, may dad can now hear and is very happy with his choice. Mike's last name is on his card but you will never call him Mr. Dugan. He treated my dad with respect and made him very comfortable with his choice to buy a hearing aid.

I wanted to write this story because the elderly do not always get that quality of respect. People do not take the time the elderly deserve. We should take better care of our parents and our grandparents because if we are lucky we will all be in their shoes someday. The next time you have the opportunity to help someone older than you, do it with a smile. God Bless our Parents, God Bless Mike at Lone Star Hearing for making me feel like my dad was his only patient. He can hear and if you could see him smile or how happy my mother is that she does not have to use sign language or scream you would understand.


Lisa Crain VanNatta

Lometa, Texas