(Milk and juice is offered daily. Alternative breakfast of cereal and yogurt or graham crackers is offered every morning.)

MONDAY, cheese omelet, toast

TUESDAY, french toast, ham slice

WEDNESDAY, bacon, egg and cheese scramble

THURSDAY, sausage biscuit w/gravy

FRIDAY, cinnamon roll, sausage links


(milk is offered daily)

MONDAY, grilled chicken patty, baked potato half, carrot coins, fruit cup, sliced bread

TUESDAY, hot pocket, baby carrots, pork-n-beans, fresh fruit

WEDNESDAY, sliced turkey, mashed potatoes w/gravy, green beans, hot rolls, pumpkin pie

THURSDAY, crispy taco, lettuce and tomatoes, refried beans, salsa, fruit cup

FRIDAY, pork rib patty on a bun, pinto beans, oven fries, fresh fruit