Thank you, Mr. Deason for coming to photograph the Life Chain. We appreciate the coverage the Bulletin has given us over the years. Forty-five members of our community came to hold pro-life signs to remind people driving by that there is a war on the unborn. Over a million innocent babies in the womb are killed in this nation yearly. Our President and the Democratic Party promote this war by vigorously promoting abortion here and around the world. Taxpayer subsidies of half a billion dollars made up one-half of Planned Parenthood’s budget for 2010 alone. They are the largest and wealthiest abortion provider in the nation. Planned Parenthood’s President even received a thank you call from Mr. Obama for all the work they do for him. After all, Planned Parenthood spent $3.2 million on TV ads attacking Mr. Romney. As voters we can reduce the number of abortions by voting pro-life, otherwise we are partly responsible for the violation of the human rights of the most vulnerable.

John and Denise Sommer