?Challenge the court and end up in court?

It is seldom discussed but when a citizen dares to challenge a court decision that citizen may end up in court, where the court will rule on the decision in question and the challenge to it. Think of it as the fox guarding the hen house and if the chickens dare to protest, they must argue their case in front of the fox, then if they are not eaten by that fox, any appeals must be argued to even more powerful foxes! This is why our Founders said “all” legislative (law making) powers are vested in a congress consisting of a Senate and House of Representatives who are voted into power by We the People and NOT THE SUPREME COURT where judges are appointed for life! It is obvious judges have been making laws from the bench by finding hidden meanings in our constitution, such as removing God from public and abortion then justifying their rulings by saying the constitution must evolve with the times. They ignore Our Founders requirement the constitution be changed only by the will of the people through amendments. The court then says any dispute must be settled in court! In other words, the court gets to judge itself. I am just a citizen who drove to Washington DC from Texas and purchased a copy of that Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights on the 200th anniversary and have them hanging on my living room wall. If one reads those documents it is obvious the court has taken power it was never given constitutionally!

This nation has become a dictatorship of a “5 judge majority” with the power to negate the will of “We the People” by inventing wording not in our constitution, and our only recourse is to vote into power people with the strength and will to remove those judges who take upon themselves power not granted by our Founding Documents. The constitution says judges serve “during good behavior” and I think most citizens would agree with me that to take an oath to preserve (keep as is) the constitution and defend it (to maintain against opposition) requires them to do just that and not change its wording to fit their agenda! Otherwise our nation is ruled by judges rather than the People! Liberals love to say “We are a nation of laws not men” but they hide the fact only congress can constitutionally make law, not judges!

After our Supreme Court ruled a “Separation of Church and State” existed, prayer was removed from school and students behavior and grades declined drastically. Since the Roe v. Wade court ruling we have seen 47 million innocent unborn killed in the name of CHOICE! Just those two cases have caused the unintended consequences of young people graduating 12 years of school unable to read, write or do math at an 8th grade level but they know how to put on a condom! Liberal democrats fight to allow illegals into America, not out of compassion but to make up for those unborn who are not in the system paying Social Security taxes. There is no “lock-box” for SS and the proof is Obama telling congress to increase the debt ceiling or SS checks will not go out! I graduated in 1962 from South Oak Cliff High in Dallas where I played baseball and basketball. It was a model school with high academic requirements for athletes and players in legal trouble were unheard of! Recently my old school had to forfeit several championships due to ineligible players! Moral decline costs students far more than lost trophies!

Think before voting and study the possibilities for our future in both legal and moral ways, then make a decision.

Charles Johns

Rising Star