Turning out the lights in the Shinning City on a Hill

The U. S. has been referred to as a “Shining City on a Hill” to be a beacon for the world to follow, so they too can be free. Unfortunately, our judicial branch of government seems determined to turn out the lights in the Shining City and the courts have done all they can to keep our Christian heritage hidden! There is no doubt most of our Founders were Christian and several had seminary degrees. Even those who were not serious believers admitted our form of government could not exist without moral and religious citizens, but the courts have taken God out of school and even tried to remove Him from public. The 10 commandments have been removed from courts and government buildings by twisted interpretation of our Founding documents! The courts have found SUGGESTED meanings in the words of the Constitution that are not written there then used those unwritten words as the basis for decisions. Can a ruling be more convoluted and unconstitutional than that?

I spent time in Europe and the Middle-East in the 60’s as a sailor and I took leave to travel to Germany to see my sister whom I had not seen in 7 years. I am from a military family and extended periods of time between visits is not unusual. The beautiful old gigantic churches all over Europe were impressive but had few parishioners for worship service. I am not Catholic but I went to Rome to see the ancient holy places spoken of in countless books and movies and my buddy Paul and I were blessed by the Pope in St. Peters Square. Even then in the mid 60’s secular Europe was emerging as the norm. They had pushed God to the back of their mind just 18 years after World War II. Are we heading down that same path? Have we forgotten we were founded on Christian ethics and the 10 commandments?

One has to look deep into history to find the real words of our Founders because secular judges, politicians and teachers have hidden what they actually said! Washington kissed the bible after taking his oath of office and so did President Truman. The Christian faith has its roots in the Jewish God and Truman was the first to recognize Israel as a nation, which angered the Arab world! At the end of his declaration-of-war speech against Japan, FDR ended with “So help us God”! The 10 Commandments are still seen in the Supreme Court, a Chaplain still asks for God’s guidance before each session of congress and the oath of office is still said with the left hand on a bible…except one Muslim who used the Quran. After Sept. 11, 2001, the churches were full all across America to ask God’s aid and the flag was flown everywhere with pride. “One nation under God” took on new meaning when we thought the enemy was at the gate! A black robe or a law degree does not make one the keeper-of-the-keys to truth and justice!

“Preserve, Protect and Defend” the Constitution is the oath all government office holders take and in recent years many have abandoned that oath to promote their own agenda. “A right to privacy” is not in our Constitution but judges determined IT WAS INTENDED by other wording, so they ruled an unborn could be killed and the flood-gates were opened to America’s Holocaust! “Separation of Church and State” is not in our Constitution either! “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” says no STATE mandated religion can be established! Notice how REMOVING religion from society with the unwritten “Separation” ruling has managed to “prohibit the free exercise thereof” contrary to what is actually written! I drove to Washington DC on the 20th birthday of our constitution and witnessed that document and how it was modified in the drafting process. I saw religious paintings of our Founders praying and noticed “In the year of our Lord” before the date on documents. The names Moses and Abraham are carved or cast into walls of our capital buildings, “In God we trust” is on our money and prayers to the Christian God have been said “officially” from our beginning. Do we now turn from our God and our Founders intentions and allow godless judges and secular politicians to change the most successful nation ever created? Citizens need to remove from the courts those who would INVENT WORDING and vote out those who value power over truth. It is time to remove the shade, turn up the light and remind the world our rights come from God in the WRITTEN words of our Constitution, not its rewriting by secular judges to fit their liberal agenda!

Charles Johns

Rising Star