I am writing you to inform you of an honor that has been extended to one of our own Brownwood neighbors. I have heard that Thomas Adamski Superintendent of the Ron Jackson State Juvenile Detention Center in Brownwood, Texas, has been offered a position to promote high into the Texas Department of Juvenile Justice. From what I understand he will be leaving Brownwood (and his position as superintendent) and will be assuming a position as Senior Director of State Programs and Facilities at the agencies Central Office in Austin, Texas. This is a tragic loss for Brownwood to lose such an asset to the facility and community. Thomas has successfully made Ron Jackson the pinnacle facility within the Texas Juvenile Justice System. It is considered the best-run facility in the state. However, it is a relief to see someone of Thomas character to take a position like this and be in a position to help more youth and further develop and make the Texas Department of Juvenile Justice one of the best in the country. I would verify this with Mr. Adamskiís office at Ron Jackson. He has been with the agency and Ron Jackson for over 10 years I believe. I just wanted to take the time and recognize what an honor this is to the community, and tragedy that we will be losing him at our facility. And I hope that you will use this information, and contact the agency to do a story and make it known we will miss him and best of luck!

Thank You,

Susan Smith