In what is my ninth year at the Bulletin, I can count the number of columns I've written on one hand and still have enough digits left over to wreak havoc on a finger food platter.

    So when the subject of a new in-house Sunday column writer was recently broached, clearly the obvious choice was … wait, me?

    "Why would anyone be interested in what you have to say?" says me during the countless oh-so-deep conversations I have with myself. Half the time I don't know what I'm thinking, the rest I can't remember.

    So here I embark on the first of who knows how many Sunday columns at 2:32 a.m. Saturday after the final Football Friday of the regular season because, yeah, that just seems like the ideal time to express my thoughts.

    For those who don't know, I'm the sports guy here at the Bulletin. My field of expertise is touchdowns, home runs and 3-pointers — not necessarily in order, but I'm getting sidetracked — which would make a great title for my weekly column. It's a toss up between that and "sunshine and lollipops."

    Back on point, the whole purpose of this column is to share my thoughts, ideas and more times than not, mindless ramblings. Actually, it will probably lean about 90 percent toward gibberish, but I digress. For the most part, I'll keep it light and entertaining, at least to me. Others might pick this up any given Sunday and wonder, "How does this guy have a job?"

    However, I'm also looking at this as a chance to blossom professionally as I segue into my semi-serious tone (cue the dramatic background music).

    As many of you know, the Bulletin editorial staff has a new look with longtime peers Gene Deason, our former editor, and Candace Cooksey Fulton basking in the retirement lifestyle. While their contributions and connections to the community, along with their friendships, will be missed, the show must go on.

    And what a show it's been around the office the last seven days.

    The Bulletin's search is under way to lure quality journalists to our editorial team as we continue our efforts to provide the citizens of Brownwood and Brown County with in-depth coverage of all local news and sports.

    In the meantime, myself, Steve Nash, Amanda Leija and Brittany Culverhouse are holding down the fort, so to speak, and we've experienced a whitewater rafting type adventure — minus the actual raft, or water for that matter. I know they've seen way more of me this week than they've ever wanted to, but the dedication and sacrifices they've made to ensure the Bulletin keeps chugging along cannot be ignored. I am in awe of what we as a team have pulled off over the last few days and can't wait to see what the coming weeks hold in store.

    Along those same lines, I'm branching out from being just "the sports guy" out of both desire and necessity. Right now, much of my wing-spreading is behind the scenes, not so much in bylines, minus this column.

    Some would consider one who takes on additional responsibility a glutton for punishment. I consider it a challenge and one of the greatest adrenaline rushes you can experience, though I've never actually been whitewater rafting.

    Over the years, a few people I've bumped into at sporting events have told me, "I don't know how you do it," when it comes to sports coverage. To me, that is the supreme compliment — not only doing more than is anticipated, but exceeding what some believe can be done. I've always prided myself on attempting to cover as much local sports information on a daily basis as possible, and the Bulletin strives to do that on the news side as well.

    With our website,, and our Facebook page and Twitter account, we are able to provide immediate breaking news and updates, as well as engage our readers in conversation about a variety of topics. Our print product is where we truly shine, however, with the in-depth information, human interest stories and community news our readers crave.

    "Times are changing" is a phrase often thrown around in the newspaper industry and it's true. But here at the Bulletin, our print product and online content walk hand-in-hand and will continue to do so as we embrace new technologies while maintaining storied traditions in providing news coverage so our readers may enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Though we may experience some growing pains along the way, the future at the Bulletin is bright and the prospects are exciting. I look forward to sharing our progress and growth as a 24/7 news source with you.

    Off topic again, as I sit here proofreading my text at 4:12 a.m., I'm beginning to think maybe this column writing gig isn't so bad. Or maybe I'm delirious. Or maybe I'll just let you decide.

    I welcome your comments, feedback or suggestions on any and all topics. We at the Bulletin are here for you, our community.