Alvin Doyle (Dick) Williams died October 25, 2012, at the Winters Nursing Home. He was 89 years old. Doyle — or Dick, as he was known to many— was born September 6, 1923, on a farm, due north of Winters. He was the fourth and youngest son of Charles Wesley Williams and Mattie Adella (Lett) Williams. Doyle only recently returned to his birthplace to live out the remainder of his life, saying he wanted to be close to home. Dick always liked what another good Texan, Sam Rayburn, said, “Home is a place where people know it when you’re sick, and where they care when you die.” And indeed, West Texas continues to be is that sort of place. 

Dick was only 10 years old when his father died. As the only child still at home, he stepped up to become the “man of the house,” helping his mother with the Winters farm. They left Runnels County to move to Zephyr and Hamilton, continuing to farm. As his mother’s health declined, they lived in Cleburne and finally Fort Worth, where he worked as a janitor to support the family.

After his mother’s death in 1978. Doyle lived in New Mexico and Austin. As his own health declined, he relocated to Pilot Point, Texas, to be near his nephew, Durward Williams, his last male relative. When his nephew died in 2006, he chose to move to Abilene and then finally to Winters — his home.

Dick was known all his life for his bright red hair, his sense of humor, and his love for his family and his devotion to his mother. Though his education was limited by the times and circumstances, he enjoyed following politics and the news, and read the daily paper throughout his life. His mind was sharp until the end and he had a great memory for dates and events from his life. 

Dick’s razor-sharp memory made for eye-opening stories, including the one about an encounter with “outer space men” when he was working the all-night shift at a K-Mart in Burleson in the 1970s. 

Dick was preceded in death by his parents Charlie and Mattie, and he has been laid to rest by them in the Northview Cemetery in Winters, Texas. He was also preceded by his older brothers Gladys Calvin, Andrew Lee Williams, and Rufus Pitt “Ted.” He is survived by three nieces: Nancy Ruzinski of Abilene, Nidra Bailey of Los Angeles, and Leta Ellis of Austin, and two cousins: Edna England and Vera Lee Sneed of Winters.

His great-niece Janice Williams Hays would like to thank the caretakers of the Winters Nursing Home and the North Runnels Hospital for their care, attention, and communication, and the good people of Abilene Hospice who were with “Uncle Dick” in his final days.