"Tase me! Mace me! Go ahead and mace me! I love it!"

That's what a suspect shouted at Brownwood police Sgt. Mitch Slaymaker and patrolman Danny Hutchins Thursday night as the two tried to get the man under control as he spewed profanity, threats and insults at the officers, tried to spit on them and tried to damage a patrol car.

Those were among the details in a report released Friday morning by Assistant Police Chief James Fuller about the arrest of the suspect, Brandon White, 21. White was booked into the Brown County Jail on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, burglary of a vehicle, evading arrest, resisting arrest and failure to identify, jail records state.

According to Slaymaker's report:

Slaymaker dispatched himself at 7:34 p.m. to a "suspicious call" in which a man was running in the street, yelling and screaming, in the 1100 block of Seventh Street. The man was last seen on Avenue C.

Slaymaker arrived in the area and saw a man in the street yelling at people standing on property at the corner of Avenue C and Sixth Street. The man was gesturing toward them with a object in his hand. The man opened the driver's side door of a Mitsubishi Gallant and got in. "Get him!" a woman yelled at Slaymaker, gesturing toward the man in the car.

The man got out, and Slaymaker saw that he had a tire iron. The woman who had yelled earlier yelled again, "Get him! That's not his car! He threatened me with a knife!"

The man walked away and Slaymaker followed, ordering him to stop but keeping back because the man had the tire iron. The man discarded the tire iron and Slaymaker closed the distance. The man started running and Slaymaker chased him on foot.

Slaymaker lost sight of the man but then found him hiding behind a prickly pear cactus in a vacant lot on the corner of Avenue B and Fifth Street. "At this time I rapidly closed the distance between us as he was attempting to get up to continue his flight," Slaymaker's report states. "I was able to get over top of him and warn him to stop or he would be 'tased.'

"At that point he complied and proned out, at which time I was able to get him handcuffed. As I sat him up he began being extremely belligerent and was yelling an unbroken litany of profanity directed at me, and began fighting my efforts.

" His struggles were to the point where I needed both hands to control him and I placed him in a wrist lock in an escort position, and began walking him back to my patrol unit. He fought with me the entire way back to the patrol unit and attempted to spin around and out of my grip a minimum of a dozen times."

Slaymaker got the man back to his patrol car, and the woman who had yelled earlier said the man had assaulted her and pulled a knife on her.

The man began bashing his head into the trunk of Slaymaker's patrol car, and Slaymaker moved him away so he wouldn't hurt himself and dent the trunk. The man's "violent lashing out" increased, Slaymaker's report states. He got the man seat-belted into the rear seat of his patrol car and the man "continued with his barrage of yelling obscenities and both myself and Officer Hutchins."

Slaymaker tried to get the man identified but he cursed more and yelled "Add failure to identify me!"

" It was evident to me that this subject was not wishing to help in the successful conclusion of this investigation and so the interview was stopped at that time," Slaymaker's report states.

The man began banging his head on the Plexiglass that separates the front seat from the rear, then leaned across the seat and kicked a window, causing it to bow out.

"I immediately opened the door and ordered him to stop attempting to destroy government property," Slaymaker's report states. "I then removed my (pepper spray container) and displayed it as a warning of what would happen if he continued to try and kick out the window of the patrol unit."

That's when the man invited the officers to "tase" and "mace" him. "After advising him that I was not going to "tase" him and only wanted him to quit trying to tear up the patrol unit, I again secured the door," Hutchins' report states. "As soon as I turned my back again he did the same thing I opened the door and deployed (pepper) spray. The (pepper) spray had the desired effect and he ceased trying to hurt himself or destroy property "

The owner of the Mitsubishi Gallant told Hutchins that she didn't know the man who was inside her car and that he definitely did not have permission to be in there.

The trip to jail was uneventful, and the man told Slaymaker he had not ingested any drugs other than alcohol. At the jail, the man became combative with jailers.

Slaymaker returned to the area of the foot pursuit and retrieved the man's ball cap and a lighter Slaymaker believed the man must have dropped.