The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) recently hosted its annual Safety Awards Banquet to recognize employees for outstanding efforts in vehicle, equipment and personal safety. Employees from the Brown County maintenance section, Brownwood area office and Brownwood district and regional offices were recognized for their years of service as safe operators (no vehicle or equipment incidents) and no injury.

Brown County maintenance employees receiving awards included Roque Dimas, Glen Burkman, John Caudle, Kevin Crim, Steven Cross, Leonard Degal, Jimmy Doud, Larry Eoff, Armando Garcia, Lee Ischy, Brad Jones, Aaron McCleery, James Moss, Mike Ramon and Pless Stuessy.

Brownwood area office employees who were recognized included Bart Fris, Jerry Cupps, Doug Feist, Scott Greer, Mark Hale, Glenn Turner, Buddy Witcher and Brad Neeley.

Brownwood district and regional office staff receiving awards included Peggy Bledsoe, Fred Bustos, Doug Finnigan, Clarence Grelle, Gordon Harkey, Oscar Hurtado, Jeff Jones, Luther Knight, Eric Lykins, Joe McKee, Paul Musick, Jerry Poling, Jeff Primrose, John Reagan, Rocky Roberts, Ashley Seider, Burk Singleton, Weldon Swanger, Ben Tieman and Richard Walker.