Destroy the foundation and it will collapse

Liberal-Progressive-Democrats have spent the past half century tearing down Americas Judeo-Christian heritage with lies and deceit. Our Founders were mostly God-fearing believers and over 20 of the signers of our founding documents had seminary degrees and based our laws on Biblical law! Even those least religious admitted our form of government will work only with a moral people. The actions of our Founders prove they were believers in the Christian God. All oaths were taken on a Christian Bible, they appointed and paid with tax money a Christian chaplain to ask God’s guidance before each session of congress (still do today) and they printed at taxpayer expense 20,000 Bibles. That proves “Separation of Church and State” was not part of our founding!

They also set up a three part government to spread the power. Article I is the Legislative Branch, Article II is the Executive and Article III the Judicial. But notice in their writing of our Constitution before Article I in bold print are the words “We the people” to signify where all power originates. In our Declaration of Independence the words “Supreme Judge of the World” and “divine Providence” plus “sacred Honor” prove our rights come from God not government! Our Founders did not want a State Religion like England which denied freedom to worship, so they put “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”in the first amendment to avoid a government mandated religion. It had nothing to do with removing the Christian God from public and in fact many towns first public building was a Christian Church! Modern democrats appear to be anti-God as their vote at their last convention proved!

Liberal democrats demand welfare for the poor even if they can work, while the Christian Bible says if a man can work but does not, he should not eat! Public giveaway programs have done much to destroy America by removing the work-ethic and placing God’s law below man’s law by telling the poor they “deserve” free stuff taken from workers who earn it! Capitalism has helped more poor people move up financially better than any other system, but democrats promote envy over work! Separation of Church and State is not in our Constitution but judges decided our Founders intended for it to be, so they added it without going through the Constitutional amendment process! In other words, the court lied and stole power from the people! Justice Roberts changed “fine” to “tax” thereby rewriting the law rather than sending it back to congress for them to rewrite it as the Constitution requires! Now we learn the middle class will pay that tax! The “Right to Privacy” is also not there but liberal judges found it hiding for 184 years and opened the flood-gates to 50 million murdered unborn in the American Abortion Holocaust!

Trust in our vote is now questioned because democrats refuse to accept a photo-ID as a requirement saying it is too difficult to get! Voter fraud is rampant in some areas and democrats say it is no big deal because the vast majority of those votes go to them! The unfortunate fact is everyone will suffer under a Godless-socialist-democrat party when the vote is not trusted, nations don’t trust us and stop lending to us and democrats run out of taxpayer money! Look at socialist Europe and brace for the riots!

Charles Johns

Rising Star