Encompass Home Health is giving away 348 fleece blankets to local residents in need of some extra warmth during these cold winter months.

A total 248 blankets are in the Brownwood office, and 100 are in the Coleman office. Each person gets one blanket, and families get one blanket for each member. Encompass gave away almost 150 blankets in both offices on their first day, Monday.

The blanket drive is a project of Encompass Cares through Encompass, a not-for-profit organization made up of the company’s employees. The organization aims to help its employees and support community fund-raisers. The company received a $1,000 grant to buy blankets this year.

“Because our fan drive in September did so well, we decided to have a blanket drive,” Jeannie Dolberry, branch manager of Encompass, said. If the blanket drive proves to be successful, Encompass plans to have another one next year.

Anyone who needs a blanket can drop by the office at 104 S. Broadway St. in Brownwood from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Encompass will continue to give away the blankets until they are all gone. The office will be closed on Thursday and Friday.