An 85-year-old Brownwood woman was swindled out of $2,295 after a person claiming to be her grandson told her by phone he'd been arrested in Mexico City and needed bail money.

The woman sent the money via MoneyGram Monday, only to learn that her grandson was not in Mexico City nor had he ever been arrested, a report by officer Zane Taylor states.

According to Taylor's report:

Taylor met with the woman Tuesday at the Law Enforcement Center. The woman said she'd received a phone call around 1:30 p.m. Monday from a man who claimed to be a bail bondsman in Mexico City. He said he was calling on behalf of her grandson and put the supposed grandson on the phone.

Although the "grandson's" voice sounded different, the impostor played it off by claiming he had a cold. The woman asked her "grandson" why he didn't call his father or some other family member, and he replied that he was too embarrassed and din't want anyone else to know.

"Truly wanting to help her grandson, (the woman) did as she was asked and went to (a local business) where she purchased a MoneyGram in the amount of $2,295," Taylor's report states.

After the woman learned her grandson wasn't in Mexico City, she tried to stop the transfer but someone had already picked up the money.

In other incidents:

Deputy Scottt Bird arrested Keith Allen, 53, of Brownwood, on charges of manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance and possession of a dangerous drug.

Allen was working as the maintenance supervisor at the Brown County Courthouse, and the arrest occurred Monday at the courthouse. Allen was has been terminated from his job, courthouse officials said.

Assistant Police Chief James Fuller said the case involves prescription medication for which Allen did not have a prescription.

Officer Steve Woodard met with a woman Monday at the Law Enforcement Center who reported the theft of medication.

Officer Bruce Spruill was dispatched Tuesday to the 500 block of Cordell on a report that a window had been broken out of a parked vehicle.

Officer Danny Hutchins was dispatched Tuesday to Vine Street, where he arrested Joe Castaneda, 51, of Brownwood, on a DWI charge.

Hutchins was dispatched Tuesday to the EZ Mart store at 101 C.C. Woodson, where an employee is suspected of theft from the store.

Woodard was dispatched Monday to the courthouse, where a 15-year-old girl was being detained on a directive to apprehend. Woodard transported the girl to the juvenile detention facility.

Woodard was dispatched Monday to Brownwood Manor on a report of a burglary of a coin operated machine.

Officer Jesse Mares was dispatched Tuesday to the 3600 block of Rhodes on a report that a man called dispatch, said he'd been smoking methamphetamine the past couple of days and sounded very confused. Mares arrested Gary Daniel, 52, of Brownwood on al charge of possession of a controlled substance.

Others booked into the Brown County Jail between 8 a.m. Monday and 8 a.m. Wednesday were:

Johnny Baker, 44, Early, public intoxication.

Mario Delarosa, 59, Brownwood, sexual abuse of continuous victim under 14.

Dirk Murdoch, 56, Rising Star, DWI third or more.

Colton Roberts, 18, Bangs, violating promise not secure, traffic warrant.

Merling Castillo, 17, assault public servant.

Clifford Denison III, 18, Brownwood, motion to revoke for burglary of a habitation.

April Martinez, 18, Corpus Christi, assault on a public servant.

Sa Pea, 18, Brownwood, assault on a public servant.

Sonia Rios, 20, Brownwood, money laundering.

Chances Robinson, 17, Beaumont, assault on a pub servant.

Michael Salazar, 45, Brownwood, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Elizabeth Stuart, 38, Brownwood, failure to appear for theft.