In response to Charles Stavley of May, your editorial on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012

The 2010 Census stated for the first time in American history, more minority babies are being born than Caucasian. By 2027, the population of America will be 36% Latino, 16% African American, 48% Caucasian and others. The 2012 election vote showed 72% Caucasian and 28% others. African American's voted 12 to 1 Democratic, Latino vote 7 to 3 Democratic and women with children, 60% youth vote, gay-lesbian vote, voted Democratic. These groups composed 65% of the vote with Democrats receiving 40% and Republicans 25%, the remaining 35%, voted 65% Republican and 35% Democratic. Total votes about 51% Democratic and 48% Republican. As the Causation voters go down over the coming years, the other groups of voters go up. Do the math. The Democratic Party is in a position to control Presidential elections for years to come. We are watching, in real time, the changing of America in demographics.

Frank Montagna

Brownwood, Texas