Black Friday. That unofficial holiday that comes right after we have said our thanks and gobbled up the turkey. That day known to bring out exceptional enthusiasm in shoppers.

As expected, this year has brought a lot of good business to our local merchants, thanks to local shoppers and out-of-towners.

Heartland Mall had 150 people waiting for their doors to open at 7 a.m., according to mall manager Charlotte Parrack. Many shoppers rushed in to get a holiday survival kit courtesy of the mall. All 24 merchants saw a consistent influx of consumers wanting to avail of Black Friday deals.

Specialty shops like The Glamour Shop, Hamilton's, and 4 Corners were also very busy.

The Glamour Shop had about 50 people come in, mostly families shopping for daughters, daughters-in-law, and all other ladies in their lives. “It was a big boot and shoe day,” co-owner Brenda Goodwin said. Many shoppers from out-of-town visiting family for Thanksgiving have also come in to buy winter wear and do some Christmas shopping.

Hamilton's had six people at their door 30 minutes before opening time. They had been “snowed under ever since,” Jill Wall, a sales associate, said.

Shoppers who braved the flurry of sales yesterday had this to say about their experience:

Liz Ripley: My advice is to "talk to the people who work in stores because they'll tell you exactly where stuff is. That's what I did. I really wanted a griddle, and I got it."

"I got called in [afterward] because my job was overflowing with people, just like Walmart."

Merdith Goodwin: "Today's the first time I've ever done it; and my child is with her dad, they're hunting, so I'm able to come out and enjoy the rest of the craziness. Some of the deals are going to be worth it."

Sharon Petty: "I shop for all the savings. The deals are not worth it."

Samantha Spearman: "I shop because it's part of tradition and because of the sales."