Iím a writer. Iím a photographer. Iím a graphic designer. Iím a baker. Iím a cook.

Iím a lot of things, but graceful isnít one of them.

Growing up, I was the one who kept finding herself in odd situations.

I remember when I was about 8 playing in the backyard of my auntís house with my older brother and cousin. They wanted to play baseball, but I didnít.

So I sat on the porch swing watching them play. All of a sudden, a softball slams into my face. Not sure how it didnít break my nose, but it caused my nose to bleed, scaring my brother and cousin.

I remember when I was about 12 playing miniature golf with my family. We made it to the last hole, where if you made a hole in one you got a free game. Iím standing behind my mom as sheís about to attempt the shot. Next thing I know, I have a putter in my face. Why my mom thought she needed to swing at the golf ball as if she was on a real golf course is beyond me. Somehow, I kept my nose intact.

I remember when I was 15 and watching my dad umpire the baseball game. Iím making my way to the concession stand to get a coke, and from out of nowhere, a baseball slams down on the top of my head. To set the scene a little bit, I was walking next to the backstop óthe large fence thatís supposed to block foul balls ó when the stray ball decided to hit me. Turns out, the pitcher from the visiting team was warming up when a passed ball by the catcher hit the bottom of the fence and popped it over.

I remember when I was 17 and taking photographs at one of the football games for yearbook. Standing on the sidelines, I was snapping as many shots as I could when both teams were in good zoom range. The thing about zoom lenses is you quite often donít realize how close your subjects are coming to you. Before I knew it, the opposite teamís player who was just tackled, rolled his way towards me ó taking me out.

On towards my latest venture.

As many of you know, House of Wheels celebrated their 40th anniversary all last week. The headline night was Friday, when their technician, Tim Jackson was going to jump through a wall of fire. Something that could go one of two ways ó totally awesome or epic crash.

With all of my past incidents, one would think I would be more careful in situtaions that could lead to hurting me.

Sure enough, as Tim broke through the wall, he fell off the back of his motorcycle when he landed, which came straight towards me and crashed into me in a way. Luckily, the motorcycle fell to its side and was slowing down before it hit me. Somehow, I managed to not break anything.

But, I realize more than ever that of all the things I am, I am defiantly an ďaccident-prone Betty.Ē

So, if you see me on assignment and a motorcycle, car, team of football players or anything else that could crash into me, please pull me out of the way.

This accident-prone Betty would greatly appreciate it.

Amanda Leijaís column is published on the Lifestyles section in the Brownwood Bulletin each Sunday. She may be reached at amanda.leija@brownwoodbulletin.com.