Brownwood Nursing & Rehabilitation is offering free Life Care Capsules to everyone who needs their crucial medical information readily available to emergency medical technicians (EMTs) during home emergency situations.

The Life Care Capsule is a tubular air-tight container almost 6 inches long that holds rolled up documents. It looks like a large prescription bottle. It is designed to be stored in the refrigerator and comes with a matching magnetic notification card to be posted on the refrigerator door. The card is to direct the medical responder to the patient's important information, such as an allergy to a medication or a medication for a condition.

“It's not much, but it could be very helpful to those who have epilepsy or other disorders,” Jerry Strickland, Director of Marketing and Admissions, said.

“They don't totally replace the medical alert bracelet, but if somebody forgets to put his on, this would be a good backup.”

The life capsules have been received well and are popular in other areas in the state where Daybreak facilities have distributed them.

BNR is in the process of informing local ambulance services, such as Guardian EMS, and social workers and the emergency room at the hospital, starting Wednesday about the presence and use of life capsules.

Life Care Capsules are already available for pickup at 101 Miller Drive, right across the emergency room of Brownwood Regional Medical Center.

Please look for Jerry Strickland to receive one free capsule per household, while supplies last. You may also call at (325) 643-9555 for more information.