The H&R Block locations in Brownwood and Early will be brightening the holiday season for two local families this year as a part of a franchise-wide promotion.

“Each franchise location can sponsor a family,” said Candy Curty, office leader in the Early office. “Each location will be providing a family with a tree, dinner and presents.”

During last month’s monthly meeting, all the office leaders from the 18 offices discussed the promotion.

“I was excited when they announced the approval for the promotion,” Curty said. “I like helping people in any way that I can. Since we have two locations, we’re able to help two local families.”

According to Curty, each office will provide a Christmas tree, dinner and presents for one family. If the family already has a Christmas tree, then the money spent for a tree will be used towards purchasing presents. Both the type of tree — real or artificial — and the dinner options will be left to the family. If the family prefers to make the dinner, then the items will be provided. If not, then an already prepared meal or gift card for the dinner will be provided.

“If anyone is willing to help with donating the Christmas tree or dinner, they can contact us, even if someone wants to help out with part of it,” Curty said. “We have a set budget that we can spend. If the tree and dinner is donated, then we can focus on purchasing the presents.”

After Christmas, Curty is ready for the next promotion that will provide a gift basket for the last baby born at Brownwood Regional Medical Center.

“The gift basket will have items for both the newborn and mother,” Curty said. “One of the items for the newborn is a bib that states, ‘I’m a new tax deduction.’”

For more information about either promotion, contact Curty at (325) 646-9766.