I would like to respond to the views expressed by George Day in the Nov. 14th issue of the Bulletin. I find it sad that a person living in this country in the year 2012 has got to start his letter with the Democrat talking point accusing the Southern States of not voting for President Obama because of his Race. Being 63 years old, I grew up in the 60's and remember it well. The truth is the Southern States did not vote for President Obama because of his Liberal Policies. A majority of us living in the Southern States are Conservative Republicans and vote that way. A majority of the people living in the New England States are Liberal Democrats and thats the way they vote. In 2004 the Southern States also did not vote for John Kerry and if I remember correctly he was white and also offered Liberal Policies. History has recorded a few facts, Abraham Lincoln a Republican, lived just long enough to see the 13th amendment pasted, the Democrats mostly voted against it. John F. Kennedy did not live long enough to see his Civil Rights Legislation pasted which was also being voted against by his own Democrat Party. So where does the Democrat Party have any bragging rights for helping Black Americans. As for the rest of Mr. Days talking points I won't waste time on. Mr. Day needs to start thinking for himself and not let Liberal Politicians think for him. The problem in this country is not Race, it's the narrow minded people or the ones that benefit from using the Race Card that are the real problem in our great nation.

Bill Harold