Setting up Christmas lights was never a big deal for Jake Lobstein when he was working for the Brownwood Fire Department. Actually, he never displayed any outdoor lights during those 30 years.

“I was so busy working that I never really had time to put up Christmas lights before,” Lobstein said. “My neighbor Jack would always bug me about putting up lights.”

After Lobstein retired, he decided he would give it a try since he hadn’t done it before.

“The first year, I really didn’t do much,” Lobstein said. “Over the years, I started adding more and more.”

Over the years, the additions Lobstein made to his display have caught the attention of drivers between Early and Zephyr, including children from the Zephyr Baptist Church where Lobstein and his wife, Kay, attend.

“I’ve had parents tell me their kids ask them to slow down as they pass by,” Lobstein said. “They get excited each year, just like my grandchildren.”

Last year, many of Lobstein’s fans were disappointed when they passed by the home and saw no lights. Lobstein didn’t have time to put up his lights because of a job he had near Sterling City.

“All the little kids and everyone from church were asking what happened to the lights,” Lobstein said. “At first I tried to put them up, but my wife pointed out that they wouldn’t be up for very long.”

To make up for missing last year, Lobstein started working on his display the first week of November. Although he usually waits to light them after Thanksgiving, a visit from his son and three grandchildren prompted the grandpa to give them a peek at the lights.

“Before they left back to Houston, I turned on the lights,” Lobstein said. “Kaleigh, the youngest, just loved them.”

While he says he is done with the display, Lobstein finds himself looking for holes to fill.

“I try to look everywhere and see if I can find blank spots,” Lobstein said. “If I find one, then I’ll fill it up.”