The Ballinger Varsity Boys opened the Ballinger Bearcat Tournament with a win, last night at the Joe Forester Gymnasium. Ballinger defeated Anson by a score of 45-25.

The Lady Cats had a rough start and were defeated twice during the first day of the tournament.

The action continues today and tomorrow at Ballinger High School.


Girls bracket

Thursday games

Clyde 45-37 Ballinger

Sweetwater 41-18 Abilene JV

Merkel 71-28 Llano

Sweetwater 44-21 Hawley

Abilene JV 44-53 Llano

Merkel 51-30 Ballinger


Games for this Friday

Abilene JV vs. Merkel

Llano vs. Hawley

Merkel vs. Sweetwater

Abilene JV vs. Ballinger

Sweetater vs. Clyde

Hawley vs. Ballinger

Llano vs. Clyde


Boys Bracket

Jim Ned 81-23 Central JV

Bangs 18-51 Clyde

Hawley 28-43 Sweetwater

Anson 25-45 Ballinger