A foot pursuit, a confrontation with a pit bull, a tasing of a suspect who had fled those were among the events following a traffic accident Monday afternoon in a south Brownwood neighborhood, police said.

John Carney, 40, of Brownwood, was booked into the Brown County Jail on charges of possession of a controlled substance, evidence tampering, resisting arrest and evading arrest, jail records state.

According to a report by officer Brandon Johnson:

City Marshal Dean Kilburn radioed at 2:07 p.m. that he had just seen a two-vehicle collision at Fourth and Avenue K and was out with both vehicles. Kilburn then radioed that one of the drivers was fleeing on foot.

Johnson and officer Brandon Miller began searching the area, and Johnson entered a foot pursuit with the suspect in the 1800 block of Seventh, where the man fled around the side of a house. Johnson and the suspect were both stopped by a large pit bull. The suspect ignored Johnson's commands to get on the ground and took up a defensive stance, and Johnson unholstered his Taser, ordered him to the ground again and told him he would be tased if he did not comply. The suspect took a step toward Johnson, then took a step toward the rear of the house, and Johnson deployed the Taser.

The Taser's barbs struck the suspect in his upper back and the back of his neck, and the suspect went down. The suspect ignored Johnson's commands to stay on the ground, and Johnson activated the Taser twice more.

The suspect resisted officers' attempts to handcuff him. When officers had him handcuffed, officers saw that he held a small container in his hand. The suspect would not let go of the object and Miller pried it loose. Officers later saw that the container had a baggy with a crystal substance believed to be methamphetamine.

The suspect also had a small piece of plastic tubing with a small scoop in his mouth, and Sgt. Troy Carroll was able to retrieve the object before the suspect could swallow it. The tubing and scoop contained a substance believed to be methamphetamine.