BALLINGER– Strong winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour, caused damages in several homes and businesses in the area bringing fences, trees, signs, power lines and limbs down, and tearing shingles off the roof in several places. No injuries were reported.

The winds damaged a utility pole bringing a high voltage power line to the ground on Highway 158, in Ballinger, near the entrance to Buddy’s Plant Plus. The power failure left most of the city in the dark from about 2 to 4 a.m. 

The National Weather Service in San Angelo received reports of winds blowing at 55 miles per hour and expecting gusts of 60 mph or more.

In the 400 block of Avenue B a phone line was reported down. In the 400 block of Ninth Street a trampoline was blown away and hit a pipe causing a water leak. The strong winds also triggered the alarm off at Tractor Supply several times near midnight.

In Winters, a roof was blown away by the wind on a building located in the west side of North Main Street. The roof of Ortiz Burritos blocked momentarily both of the southbound lanes on Highway 83, near the intersection with Novice Road.

The winds also brought down a utility pole causing damages to phone and cable lines at the place.

The Winters Police Department cleared the road with a wheel loader with the assistance of Winters Volunteer Fire Department. The road was reopened nearly at midnight.

In Winters the winds also brought down a cable line in the 200 block of Paloma Street, and the Highway 83 sign at the intersection with West Dale Street.