Law enforcement officials responded to recent incidents including a would-be suitor who ignored a young woman's statement that she did not welcome his attention.

Officer Brandon Johnson spoke with the 18-year-old woman Tuesday at the Law Enforcement Center. The woman told Johnson a male had been to her workplace repeatedly and asked her out on dates, even though the woman told the male she was not interested and to leave her alone.

Johnson located the male and issued a criminal trespass warning for the woman's workplace.

In other incidents:

Sheriff's officials are investigating two unrelated incidents in the Brown County Jail.

Deputy Joe Thomas was dispatched to the jail on March 1 on a report that an inmate charged with attempted capital murder was assaulted by an inmate charged with capital murder. The two were among a group of inmates playing cards when they got into an argument.

One inmate punched the the other one several times, leaving him with a cut over an eye and a knot on the side of his head.

Deputy Kelly Marsh was dispatched to the jail Sunday on a report that jailers had searched a cell and found a shank that had been made from a spoon.

Deputy John Harper was dispatched Sunday to Dillard Drive at Lake Brownwood on an assault call. A woman said she had placed her three children in a pickup when her estranged husband and his girlfriend parked behind her. She and her estranged husband discussed a issue involving one of the children. She said the other woman held her by the throat while her estranged husband took the child.

Thomas was dispatched Monday to an undisclosed location on U.S. Highway 67, where an air compressor pump was taken from a building.

Brownwood officer Robert Lee was dispatched Monday to the 1100 block of Morris, where someone kicked in a back door and took several items.

Lee was dispatched Monday to the 1000 block of Coggin on a report that two males were walking out into traffic and preventing traffic from passing. Lee located the two at Durham and Avenue H.

Lee arrested Trevolia Rudd, 18, and Demory Wilson, 21, both of Brownwood, on outstanding warrants. Lee also arrested Rudd on charges of evidence tampering and possession of marijuana.

Lee was dispatched Monday to the 1900 block of Avenue E, where a GPS and portable DVD player were taken.

Lee was dispatched Monday to the 1400 block of Avenue A on a report that a woman was yelling and throwing things. Lee arrested Linda Duffie, 53, of Brownwood, on a charge of possession of marijuana.

Others booked into the Brown County Jail between 8 a.m. Monday and 8 a.m. Wednesday were:

Raul Capuchin, 45, Brownwood, parole violation.

Cody Cass, 38, Early, DWI third or more.

Adolpho Chavez-Diaz, 44, May, public intoxication.

Haustin Simmons, 20, Brownwood, failure to appear for theft and burglary of a building.

Martin Venegas Jr., 43, Brownwood, driving with invalid license.

David Kincaid Jr., 32, Brownwood, motion to revoke for theft by check.

Miguel Lara, 28, Brownwood, manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance.

Robert Tucker, 44, Blanket, driving with invalid license.