The Girl Scout’s cookie season has technically come to a close, but that doesn’t mean that customers can’t still buy a box or two of the delicious snack.

The scouts will be hosting a cookie bash from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday at the Girl Scout Center located at 1200 Avenue D in Brownwood. The event will be outdoors if the weather permits and will have a bouncy house.

“It is an event for the girls who worked very hard this year to sell the remainder of the cookies,” said Mysti Mitchell, of the local Girl Scouts chapters.

This is the first year in Girl Scouts history that cookies cannot be returned to the manufacturer due to the overwhelming amount of returns they received last year.

The scouts receive a bonus if they sell the cookies themselves. Mitchell said this was one of the largest sales years they have had and the bonus this year will possibly be in the thousands. The money goes into the Girl Scout’s account to be spent on various events throughout the year.

The remaining boxes of cookies are purchased by the scouts and then sold through events like the cookie bash. The cookies still get sold, but the girls get the benefit of the bonus.

“Honestly, it is better this way,” said Mitchell, “If I had known this last year, I wouldn’t have returned any of the cookies.”

If anyone would like to donate the cookies to local community locations they may. These include locations such as nursing homes, charities, military, the police force, emergency medical services or firefighters.

The scouts only have around 200 boxes left to be sold before they completely sell out for the year.