The Brownwood Art Association will hold their monthly free demonstration at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the BAA Art Center featuring Georgetown artist Sue Bishop.

“This is a great way to meet some of your local artist as well as learn some techniques from an established artist to inspire you to try working with other mediums,” Katryn Jones said. “The demos give a great opportunity to challenge artist to father their training and to encourage the beginning artist to explore a wide variety of mediums and techniques.”?

Bishop is an impressionistic abstract artist who works within the guidelines of fine design to create her mixed media pieces.

“I strive to create artistic magic,” Bishop said. “When it all comes together, abstraction is combined with impressionistic images and the painting takes on a unique and wonderful life of its own. One must understand that when the brush touches the canvas energy is transmitted onto the surface and the artist becomes a conduit from the unseen to the seen.”

After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Education and Art from East Texas State University, Bishop has worked in the public school system for many years where she taught children creativity along with private art classes to adults and children.

Over the years, Bishop has participated in several gallery, group and juried shows. She has also received signature membership to the Texas Watercolor Society and an award of excellence in the Manhattan Arts International Competition. She currently has artwork on display at the Hill Design Studio + Art Gallery in Georgetown, Gallery on the Square in Wimberley, Skyline Gallery in Houston, Artennae, Global Art Consulting and Art Basel in Miami Beach.