It was another early morning for the Brownwood Middle School band who rose before daylight to prepare for the competition on 3/7/13.  An early arrival at the band hall, last minute preparations, a quick bite of delicious donuts and they were off to Coleman.  Upon arriving at the Coleman ISD, the Middle School Band did a practice run of the three songs they would perform and waited patiently for their turn to compete.  As always, they made a great impression, walking quietly and respectfully on stage as they settled into their places with instruments in hand and crisp black pants and a maroon polo band shirt unifying the group. As a whole, a deep breath was drawn and the next was let out in a unison of melody and harmony as all instruments blended together.  A fantastic performance of three songs which included a solo by James Davis who is an 8th grade student.  Parents were allowed to watch the concert performance but due to room limitations were unable to view the sightreading portion of the competition.  At the end of their time, the band filed out, looking jubilant, proud and excited to have completed their mission.  A gathering at the bus, with numerous photo opportunities and a long awaited answer to the question, "How did we do?"  Band director Adam Cartwright announced to the young men and ladies that they scored as division 2 in both concert and sightreading, a proud accomplishment for the Middle School!  Their efforts were rewarded with a buffet of all you could eat food at CiCi's Pizza, a great end to a great effort.  Congratulations BMS band!