Brown County Commissioners will take up the issue once again Monday on whether to award a bid that would allow a security company to lease a portion of the now-closed Unit 2 of the Ron Jackson state school and transform it into a post-adjudication juvenile lockup facility.

Commissioners will deliberate on the issue in an executive session before reconvening into open session for possible action.

Commissioners will meet at 9 a.m. at the Brown County Courthouse.

Commissioners took no action last Monday on awarding a bid to Tampa, Fla.-based G4S for an initial five-year lease. Commissioners said then they would re-agenda the item for Monday after getting clarification on issues including typos in the proposed lease.

Commissioners on Monday followed County Judge Ray West's recommendation to reject a bid from Phoenix, Ariz.-based Right of Passage because, West said, the company indicated it would not lease a portion of Unit 2 which was conveyed to the county last year unless it could also take over the operation of Unit 1, which the Texas Juvenile Justice Department operates as a state school for girls

West recommended that commissioners reject the Right of Passage bid because of the company's requirement that it take over the Unit 1 operation an action the county has absolutely no control over, West said.

Brown County currently uses a portion of the former Unit 2 facility to house the juvenile probation department and pre-adjudication holding cells that are state-certified for seven juveniles.

G4S would provide mental health and substance abuse services, based on its bid. The company would make Phase I improvements concluding the construction of new offices; Phase II improvements including the cleaning and repair of two wings with a capacity of 46 juveniles; and Phase III improvements including the cleaning and repair of the remaining three wings with a capacity of 69 juveniles, making a total capacity of 115 juveniles, West said.

West said a contractor has been working for the county at Unit 2, making improvements. The county has $50,000 in reimbursed state funds to pay for improvements, West said, but G4S has said it will pay for the labor and materials that has been done so far, and will pay the cost of a generator repair. That totals $38,500, West said.

Last year, Texas Juvenile Justice Department commissioners approved the conveyance of Unit 2 of the Brownwood state school and its surrounding 36 acres to Brown County.

In other business Monday, sheriff's officials will present a Certificate of Valor to "Good Samaritan" shooter Vic Stacy, who with an Early police officer exchanged gunfire with Charles Conner in the July 29 shooting at the Peach House RV Park.