In a 3-1 vote, Brown County Commissioners approved the G4S lease for the Brown County Juvenile Justice Center — formerly Unit 2 of the Ron Jackson state school.

Brown County Judge Ray West, Precinct 1 Commissioner Gary Worley and Precinct 3 Commissioner Wayne Shaw voted in favor of the lease while Precinct 2 Commissioner Joel Kelton voted in opposition.

Part of the delay in approving the G4S bid for the lease last week was in the wording the bid contained.

“The bid was in good form but some of the items needed to be corrected,” West said. “We gave them a week to make the needed corrections to their bid so it would comply with the specs that were sent out.”

Rite of Passage, Inc. was the other company that submitted a bid, but that bid was rejected during last week’s meeting.

“Rite of Passage’s bid was rejected because they didn’t meet all the requirements of the county’s bid,” West said. “We sent both companies the requirements for the lease and their bid had a condition we had no control of.”

In a letter attached to Rite of Passage’s bid, the company stated, “This letter and lease is contingent upon Rite of Passage being awarded a contract from the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) to provide secure residential specialized program services through a competitive biding process, successful negotiations with TJTD regarding the optimal location of the facility for its at-risk youth, and successful negotiations with Brown County regarding the facility.”

According to West, this is the first time the county has ever leased property and the commissioners wanted to be sure the procedure was done in accordance to the Texas Local Government Code.

The codebook states “commissioners court of a county may adopt a procedure by which the county may sale or lease through a sealed-bid or sealed-proposal procedure any real property, including space in a building, owned by the county.”

The procedure must include a requirement that the county publish before a sale or lease is made, a notice of intent to sell or lease, as appropriate, the real property; and must be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county on two dates, with the date of the second publication occurrence before the 14th day before the date of the award of sale or lease and include the description of the real property and the procedure.

Details of the G4S lease will be available after next week’s commissioners court meeting.

“Until the minutes are approved, the bid is sealed,” West said.

In other business Monday, commissioners:

• Declined to reinstate an outdoor burn ban but placed the item next week’s agenda.

• Approved the treasurer’s/auditor’s report.

• Received a report from Doug Steen on the status of trappers in Brown County.