BALLINGER– The Ballinger High School Boys Powerlifting Team traveled to Sundown, Texas this weekend for regional action against other 1A and 2A schools in West Texas. The Ballinger Boys placed second as a team with 22 points out of 44 other schools represented at the meet.

Three BHS boys qualified to the State Championships, to be held in Abilene on March 23. Leading the way with honors was senior Riley Woodruff, who came away as Regional champ in the 275-pound class with a 1,625-pound total and awarded Outstanding Lifter for squat with a 700-pound squat.

Also taking first place and Regional Champ in the 220-pound class Auggie Woodruff with a 1,450-pound total. Auggie also broke his weight class record in the squat lift with 620 pounds. Devon Hoelscher placed second in the 181-pound class with a personal best total with 1,310 pounds. Devon also tied his weight class bench record of 350 pounds and breaking his personal best for the bench press.

Willie Collins placed fourth in the 165-pound weight class with a personal best total of 1,155 pounds. John Cuellar placed fifth in the 198-pound weight class with a personal best total of 1,230 pounds. Zach Perez posted a 450-pound personal best for the squat lift but was not able to continue on for the rest of the meet.

“The Ballinger boys performed well and broke personal best records like I knew they would and it is a compliment to me when THSPA judges personally walk up to a lifter of mine to shake their hand and tell them how well a lifter they are and how they show good sportsmanship in cheering for the same guy they are going against,” said Ballinger High School Powerlifting Coach Tremaine Johnson.

“The sport of powerlifting is definitely competition with others and especially yourself but its a sport that win, lose, or draw you find yourself cheering for your opponent to get his personal best. I’m proud of all my Lifters for their hard work.”

The girls State qualifiers will be competing in Corpus Christi on Saturday March 16, and the boys State Championships will be March 23, in Abilene, Texas at the Expo Center.