To the editor:

In June of 2013, after retiring from teaching for 35 years, I was finally able to do what my doctors had been wanting me to do for years and start “just walking in the water”. I became a member of the Brownwood Fitness and Wellness center. I attended aerobics classes, went on my own, and found the one time of the day I did not hurt with my osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I have met others like me who have found a place they can move and concentrate on regaining, maintaining or improving their health. I have seen Physical Therapists working with patients to regain what they have lost on land but they can move in the water.

Brownwood Fitness and Wellness Center is the only place in our area where a therapy pool is available. Those of us who use this pool are in a state of shock. We were recently informed that the center would be moved back to the hospital area. It would be available for us to use the machines 24 hours a day. But the pool will be closed.

Many of us that use the pool can't use the machines. We have nowhere else to go. One of the ladies at the pool today was talking about moving because water therapy is so important to her.

Sammie Courington, former coach with Brownwood, set up a petition at the pool side asking for support, within two days almost 50 people had signed. Additional signatures followed.

Sammie stated:

Dear Director,

We, the undersigned, agree that the Brownwood Regional Medical Center Rehab and Fitness Zone should keep the pool open. We feel the pool is what makes the Zone the unique fitness center in the Brownwood area. Many clients (including elderly and arthritic) need the therapeutic benefits provided by the pool. No other facility in the Brownwood area provides this. Please reconsider your decision.


If it's not fun, then it's not Tennis.

We know that there is a solution and an answer to this issue. We are asking for support from the citizens of our area. The pool participants from, Coleman, Brady, Mullin, San Saba, Goldthwaite and other communities in the area. Brownwood is the medical center for our region.

We have to problem solve this. It is too important to our community.

Thank you,

S. Jane Savell

Retired teacher BISD